YOURmeds helps people take control of their own medication with the help of their support network. 50% of all prescribed medications in the advanced world are not taken as prescribed. With YOURmeds we can improve this to over 80% and in some cases 100%.

Our technology is easy to understand and simple to use. The pharmacy delivers the pack of weekly medication ready to go. The YOURmeds Smart tag sounds an alarm and displays a number when it’s time to take your medication. The user opens the numbered box displayed in the tag. You can nominate up to 5 people to support you to take your medication, these could be family members, friends or even neighbours. The supporters are each given a number and after 10 minutes of the initial alarm the first supporter is informed if the medication has not been taken, after another 10 minutes the second supporter is informed and so on. Supporters are provided with an app downloadable from the App Store and Google Playstore that is linked to the user. Here they can see which medications were due yesterday, are due today and will be due tomorrow. The supporter can ring you directly from the app.

We believe technology should be simple to use and easy to understand whatever your age or technical ability. With YOURmeds, taking charge of your medication is easy enabling you to stay independent for longer.

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