Working Wise offers flexible jobs to people aged 50 and over in addition to best practice for employers in employing this age group, advice and support for workers and news and features about developments in this space.

Older workers already make up a growing proportion of both the employed and self-employed workforce. Demographic changes, including people living longer and lower birth rates, mean that employees will need to work longer and research shows the benefits of multigenerational workforces.

However, older people in the workforce often face particular challenges. They may, for instance, have taken career breaks and be looking to return after their families have grown; they may have caring responsibilities for older relatives or partners; some older women may struggle with the effects of the menopause; older workers may have health issues or want to reduce their hours as they approach or seek to work beyond retirement; and they may face age discrimination.

Many industries had a poor record on retaining older workers even before Covid-19. What is more, relatively few employers are taking active steps to change their policies and practices regarding the recruitment, retention and retraining of older workers. comes from the same stable as and and builds on their expertise to create a bridge between older workers and employers who recognise the need and benefits of recruiting and retaining their talent and experience.

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