Ready Generations

Ready Generations is a charity set up in 2019 to build intergenerational understanding by bringing generations together in ways that are meaningful and have purpose.

In this way, we believe the deep richness of human contribution can be recognised as a valuable community asset that underpins the building of stronger more resilient and self-serving families and neighbourhoods.

We work with a range of innovative partners across the UK and internationally to find ways that connect people and bring ideas together in safe spaces that are respectful and inclusive.

We are thrilled to be partnering with STOPageism as we believe words have immense power and how we use language to describe people and situations is critical to how they are seen, respected and valued. Words can make us visible or indeed invisible to others. As Rececca Solnit warned in her essay The Pigeonholes When the Doves Have Flown (2017):

‘Words are general categories that lump together things that are dissimilar in ways that matter. Blue is a thousand colours and horse is thoroughbreds and ponies and toys; love means everything and nothing, language is a series of generalisations that sketch out incomplete pictures when they convey anything at all. To use language is to enter into the territory of categories, which are as necessary as they are dangerous’


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