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Juvenile Ageism Event

What is Juvenile Ageism? By: Lindsay Lenton MSc – ESRC PhD candidate in Psychology I am a final year PhD student from Plymouth University, and I wanted to invite you to an event designed to raise...

Juvenile Ageism Awareness

Breaking down barriers

Breaking down barriers to ageing.

Legal & General and STOPageism believe in building a society that gives people the opportunity to live the life they deserve. In this first piece, we focus on breaking down the barriers to ageing....

Legal & General, Legal & General

counteract ageism with creativity

The numbers behind ageism.

Did you know more people experience ageism than any other form of discrimination in the UK? In the latest piece by Legal & General and STOPageism, we take a look at the numbers behind ageism and what...

Legal & General, Legal & General

Ageism in the Workplace Survey

Ageism in the Workplace Survey.

Ageism in the Workplace Survey is launching an ‘Ageism in the Workplace’ survey. Covid-19 has highlighted the ageism that exists all around us, including the ageism that we...

James Carlin 3SG - overcoming hidden barriers

3SG overcoming hidden barriers.

Overcoming hidden barriers. There are many hidden barriers that can make accessing services as we get older increasingly difficult, such as a worry of what others may think when asking for help, a lack...


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