#30DayInclusionChallange Introduction

The #30DayInclusionChallenge is a free annual global initiative started in 2020 to help participants Think, Feel and Do Diversity and Inclusion differently.  In their inaugural year (2020), they had over 6,000 people from around the world participate. This year (2021), they’ve had 7,300+ people participating.

Each week for the month of October, they tackle a different dimension of diversity which is led by a different global partner. This year, STOPageism had the opportunity to be a part of the #30DayInclusionChallenge this year, as a part of Generations Week.

In our introduction video below, we discuss STOPageism, what ‘ageism’ is, and introduce our interviews with 3 of our STOPageism partners who discuss the topic of ‘ageism in the workplace’.

Take a look at our introduction video below and let us know your thoughts about ageism in the workplace.

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