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Mike on deck looking out at sea

Mike Locker – Their Time.

Mike first went to sea with his dad when he was three years old. He remembers getting seasick a lot in those early years. Nearly 70 years on he’s now used to it. The aquatic blood runs in the family....

Tony Clark – Their Time.

Tony was quietly requested to mime, rather than sing, in the school choir so that his questionable singing voice wouldn’t ruin the overall sound.  Piano lessons only lasted three weeks before he threw...
Klaus with medal.

Klaus Riekemann – Their Time.

Klauss says with calm certainty, “Age is in the head.  You don’t want to let it hold you back”.  A sentiment that saw him get back into serious competitive rowing following a fifty-year break from...
Basil - moving shot.

Basil Hiley – Their Time.

Dubbed ‘The Rockstar of Physics’, Basil Hiley is a man discovering more in his 80s than many of us will in our entire lifetimes. It’s easy to lose count of the times Basil says “I’ve been very...

Hanja Kochansky – Their Time.

At the age of six Hanja became a refugee as she fled on a boat from World-War-II torn Croatia (then Yugoslavia) to start a new life in Italy. Aged 11 she was moved to apartheid South Africa where she met...

Their time.

We are really excited to share with you all our first STOPageism partner-led campaign. Through Their Time, Laura Page, Photographer and Rebecca Vassie Memorial award winner, has captured the lives of older...

Let’s talk about our generations.

We need to talk about language. So, let’s talk about our generations. I’m an architect not a linguistic expert, but as an architect I was taught to recognise how signs and symbols gain cultural...

Matter Architecture

Breaking down barriers

Breaking down barriers to ageing.

STOPageism believes in building a society that gives people the opportunity to live the life they deserve. In this first piece, we focus on breaking down the barriers to ageing. Click the button below...

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