• It's time to stop.

  • Stop discrimination.

  • Stop stereotypes.

  • Stop negativity.

  • Stop Ageism.

We’re here to show how ageism negatively affects all of us and, with your help, how we can stop it.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has shone a light on the shocking way that our society and policymakers treat older people. Pushed to the margins and forgotten about, with their needs often thought of last – we have all seen the tragic consequences that this can have.

More broadly – from derogatory everyday language, to inaccessible cities and poor services – ageism is sadly still a daily reality for many people.

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  • I’m not an OAP.

    I'm a teacher.

  • I'm not an old fogey.

    I'm an artist.

  • I’m not Past It.

    I’m a babysitter.

  • Retiring from teaching doesn’t mean I stopped being a teacher. I have a lifetime’s worth of experience, knowledge, and skills to share with the next generations of my family. And there are one or two things they can teach me too.

  • Getting older doesn’t mean I have to become ‘old’. I don’t see myself as ‘old’, I see myself as an artist continuing to chase my dreams.

  • It’s time with my grandchildren that I cherish. Nursery doesn’t come cheap but luckily, I do. It means I’m not just their babysitter, I’m the reason my daughter can afford to take them away this summer.

we’re strong.

Together, we can
be unstoppable.

For years, our partner organisations have been working to make older people’s lives better. To make their voices heard.

But we’ve realised something – that by working together, we can all do even more. That’s why we’re joining forces to STOPageism, and we want you to join with us. Because a single voice can be drowned out, but a chorus can’t be ignored.

In This Together.

We’re working together to STOPageism and bring older people back where they belong – in the heart of our lives and communities. Join us and our ever-growing network of partners.

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The latest news, views and events from the campaign and our partners. Read more about how we are working together to STOPageism.

Breaking down barriers

Breaking down barriers to ageing.

Legal & General and STOPageism believe in building a society that gives people the opportunity to live the life they deserve. In this first piece, we focus on breaking down the barriers to ageing....

Legal & General, Legal & General

language and ageing

‘An Old Age Problem?’: language and ageing.

Summary of Centre for Ageing Better’s latest report: ‘An Old Age Problem?’: Centre for Ageing Better’s latest report analyses the language related to ageing and older people and has revealed...

Guild Living

Ageism in the Workplace Survey

Ageism in the Workplace Survey.

Ageism in the Workplace Survey workingwise.co.uk is launching an ‘Ageism in the Workplace’ survey. Covid-19 has highlighted the ageism that exists all around us, including the ageism that we...

Working Wise

James Carlin 3SG - overcoming hidden barriers

3SG overcoming hidden barriers.

Overcoming hidden barriers. There are many hidden barriers that can make accessing services as we get older increasingly difficult, such as a worry of what others may think when asking for help, a lack...


Joyce Williams: a positive perspective on ageing.

Joyce Williams: A Positive Perspective on Ageing What have we done to the word “OLD”? What is going on that we have let ourselves hear someone else’s view of our lives?  Others say that getting...

Blogger: Grandma Williams

Living life as an older LGBT+ person.

Getting older without getting old: Living life as an older LGBT+ person   Estimates say there are over 1m LGBT+ people over 50 in the UK. Being an older LGBT+ person comes with a unique set of experiences,...


nn-ageist birthday cards for older people

A make-over for your next birthday (card).

How are you feeling about your next birthday? Once past the jelly and musical statues stage, it gets complicated, doesn’t it? Whilst being alive is (mostly) good, getting closer to death carries the...
United For All Ages

It’s time to create a Britain for all ages.

‘The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.’ So goes the famous quote from The Go-Between. Life before COVID-19 seems like a very different place to the world we now live in....

United for All Ages


Creativity knows no age limit.

Creativity knows no age limit. It isn’t diminished by age but only by the barriers society puts on it. As we change and grow, our creativity adapts, imagining new possibilities when former interests...

Magic Me

Stephen Burke United For All Ages

Stephen Burke: intergenerational activity is crucial.

Stephen Burke from United for All Ages shares his perspectives on ageism within our society and how promoting intergenerational activities can help in the fight against ageism: We live in historic times....

United for All Ages

friends talking about ageist language

Why is the language of ageing so ageist?

We’re all getting older, so why is it that when you pass a certain age bracket it’s OK to be insulted? Why is the language of ageing so ageist? ‘Codger’, ‘old fogey’, ‘biddy’,...


counteract ageism with creativity

How can we counteract ageism with creativity?

Not to put too fine a point on it, from an entirely disinterested economic perspective, the COVID-19 might even prove mildly beneficial in the long term by disproportionately culling elderly dependents. Jeremy...

Magic Me


Eugene Marchese: let’s bring generations together.

In this article Eugene Marchese, co-founder of Guild Living, discusses the ageing population, the issues surrounding the current retirement model and the unique Guild Living approach. Read the full column...

Guild Living


How can we connect generations during a lockdown?

We talk about intergenerational environments as being one of the key ways that we can create socially-inclusive communities and combat loneliness. But how can we connect older to younger people in the...

Guild Living


British Society of Gerontology urges Government to reject age-based COVID-19 policy.

We object to any policy which differentiates the population by application of an arbitrary chronological age in restricting people’s rights and freedoms. A statement has been released by the President...

Guild Living


Sex: It’s Not Over Till It’s Over.

“My grandparents don’t have sex. They’re too old.” We’re calling BS on that one. We need to stop cringing at the thought of our older generations ‘doing it’ and come to the realisation that...

Guild Living

  • 1.4 million older people
    do not have access to the care and support they need.

    Age UK

  • Redundancy rates for those in their 50's
    are more than double the rate for those in their 40's


  • Age discrimination legislation was introduced in 2006.
    Since then, Employment Tribunal claims have increased rapidly.


  • Number of over 85's in the UK is
    set to double
    in the next 25 years.

    The Telegraph

  • 36% of over 50's
    felt they had been disadvantaged at work because of their age.

    Age UK

  • Only 7,000 retirement homes
    are delivered each year only accounting for 0.2% of demand.

    International Longevity Centre UK

Guild Living
Legal & General

In Partnership to StopAgeism.

This campaign to STOPageism is powered by Guild Living and Legal & General.

Our mission is to reinstate older people at the heart of our lives and communities. Guild Living is delivering academically-led, innovative ways to live independently in the heart of towns and city centres.

  • Our three steps

  • to STOPageism.

Together, we will take positive steps to STOPageism in society. Join our movement to improve the lives of older people – and reinstate them in our lives and communities. Here are the three key areas we will focus on to bring about this change…

1. Changing our

The language we use to describe older people is overwhelmingly negative. So we’re campaigning to change it. Why is it still acceptable to use outright discriminatory terms for older people in society? Instead, we want to define people by who they really are and the value they bring.


2. Changing our

We will make cities more accessible and age-friendly. From retrofitting existing buildings to encouraging architects and planners to be more age considerate in future builds, we want our cities to promote independence and inclusivity for all.


3. Changing our

We will promote safety and independence by making financial and technology services easier, safer and fairer to use. People need more confidence and support to take control of their affairs, and we’ll help to provide it.

  • I refuse to regret waking up a day older.

    • Ashton Applewhite
    • Writer & Activist
  • Our research will investigate what interventions we can make to reinstate people’s confidence, tackle one of the biggest killers, loneliness, and shift our culture towards valuing – rather than ostracising – people in their older years.

    • Professor Malcolm Johnson
    • University of Bath
  • Our mission is to reinstate older people at the heart of our lives and communities – where they belong.

    • Eugene Marchese
    • Guild Living
  • Overlooked for employment, restricted from social services and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalises and excludes older people in their communities.

    • World Health Organization
  • I have come to see the possibilities of making well-funded research the foundation of a new model of living in the post-retirement stages, where many simply dwindle.

    • Professor Malcolm Johnson
    • Guild Living
  • What I’m really passionate about is thinking about individuals and how we change people’s lives. One of our founding principles is about being inclusive, so you’ll have an accessible, lively, active, multi-generational community.

    • Phil Bayliss
    • Legal & General
  • Ageism is widespread and an insidious practice, which has harmful effects on the health of older adults. For older people, ageism is an everyday challenge.

    • World Health Organization

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